Royal Plaza

The Premier Hotel Odessa stands at the heart of the Arcadia district, a short stroll from the beach. It boasts outstanding views of the Black Sea and the Botanic Gardens. A modern look, consistent use of materials, design furniture, technological integration and an eye for detail all ensure durability and comfort whatever the weather.

The bright hall, the cast bronze sculptures, the mother-of-pearl chandeliers, even the Venetian-style flooring evoke the city’s life and history. The wooden panelling and frames form broad, gentle waves, embracing the open vein black marble sculptures. The sea takes centre stage: depictions of marine life carved, painted or embossed on the walls. The neutral tones of the floors and walls contrast with the blue furnishings.

The exclusive Lobby Bar has an immersive atmosphere. Look up to see illuminated crystal bubbles, and fish swimming around above the couches. When you visit the meeting area, separate from the rest of the hotel, you first enter the long foyer, where the Guardians of the Sea – cast fusion sculptures – watch over you, symbolising luck.

Here, too, Alpenmade coordinated and developed an ambitious project, bringing a wealth of experience to the design to ensure elegance and functionality were both incorporated. An in-depth knowledge of materials, skill in shaping projects, and a passion that combines various sensitivity and skills make us a safe pair of hands to help you build a luxury hotel with a strong modern feel. We guarantee complex jobs will be done successfully, with careful attention to detail.