Phase 1   Design, Development and Specialist Consulting

  • Site survey
  • Project analysis
  • Interior and architecture designs
  • Consulting with clients and architects on project management
  • Skilled in hotel layout and furnishing for hospitality venues
  • Skilled in domestic project production management needing medium-to-long term detailed design
  • Preparing samples (finishes, special products, technical solutions) to support architects
  • Providing quotes and finding technical solutions at the best price
  • Selecting artists to create original artwork for spaces the client wants to make unique
Design, Development and Specialist Consulting

Phase 2   Business Negotiations and Choosing Suppliers

  • Business negotiations
  • Site measurements
  • Product development
  • Finding suppliers and workshops suited to the products ordered
  • Managing material procurement on behalf of workshops
Business Negotiations and Choosing Suppliers

Phase 3   Production and Shipping: Supervision, Monitoring and Testing

  • Checking production processes in workshops
  • Testing and preassembling goods before packaging
  • Testing goods before shipping them, with the client present
  • Supervising shipping
  • Certifying products for countries they’re being exported to
  • Checking and supervising sites, including during activity being carried out by our suppliers
Production and Shipping: Supervision, Monitoring and Testing

Phase 4   Installation and laying

  • Installing and laying materials, working with artisans
  • Checking and coordinating assembly, installation and laying
  • Final on-site testing with the client and/or someone the client appoints
Installation and laying

Phase 5   Assistance and Visits

  • Assistance both during and after the warranty period
  • Client visit after project completed
Assistance and Visits

Phase 6   Art site specific

  • Designing the piece
  • Looking for the best artist for the job, based on creativity, skills, abilities, and materials used
  • Creating sketches to show the client
  • Coordinating and supervising works
  • Approving the finished piece alongside the client, prior to shipping
  • Packaging, shipping, and installation on-site at the client’s location
Art site specific

Phase 7   Decor

  • Finding, suggesting and selecting materials with the client
  • Checking with and inspecting suppliers, craftspeople, and artists
  • Supervising packaging and shipping
  • Delivery and installation on-site (where needed)