Alps Quality

We export wood and marble across the globe. We work with glass, metal and alloys using old techniques that have evolved over time without losing the features that made them popular in the first place. South Tyrol is a rich land, not just in terms of what it offers but in terms of the professionals who work here. People we at Alpenmade have chosen to make part of our outstanding network.

Alps Manufacturing

The transparency and seriousness of Alpenmade’s approach are shown in every working phase. We always choose suppliers who love and take care of each piece and its smallest detail with the aim of maintaining high the quality of the finished product, making it durable and solid, to guarantee sustainable furniture built to perfection.

Alps Care

The client is the beating heart of everything we do at Alpenmade. The attention we pay to our connections and the help we offer at every level are our way of involving the client in co-creating their own project. This makes it easy to tackle issues and meet their needs by keeping an open communication channel, giving them the support and focus they deserve.

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