Luxury Residence

To design and develop the Nefteyugansk private residence we worked closely with the owner, who pictured surprising and enchanting quarters. Luxury shines in every detail here, everything balanced to ensure unique harmony and aesthetic quality. Details and finishes are the final touches when creating a residence. Functionality and liveability take centre stage, using natural materials that stimulate the senses to give dwellers a comforting, immersive experience.

Combining various materials, the choice of light, and custom furnishings allowed us to achieve nuances and feelings that varied throughout the home, depending on a given area’s intended use. Refined, light and bright rooms, such as the reception rooms and the living area, alternate with warmer and more enveloping spaces such as the chess and billiard room, the private cinema, and the customer’s private study. Wellbeing spaces are modern, as are the gym, sauna, and tempting pool.

From stained glass windows to crystal lamps, through leather seats and panelling to gold leaf floor inlays or from briarwood coffered ceilings to hand-carved friezes, bronze and brass castings to decorative stained glass, Alpenmade signifies mastery of Italian craftsmanship and the lifestyle concept typical of how we see the world. Alpenmade wants to act as a bridge, helping ideas take shape and become reality.