Luxury Villa

The very name Luxury Villa tells you what this place is all about. Enjoy stunning views of the Black Sea in a luscious interior designed and created by Alpenmade. This design is a tribute to Odessa, where the Mediterranean meets the East. There’s a romantic garden boasting stone fountains and columns inspired by Classicism. 

The Main House is stylish, created by the skilled craftspeople at Alpenmade who value attention to detail, period furnishings, coffered ceilings, wooden carvings, and valuable marble.

In the Sea House, meanwhile, you can practically smell the ocean, in a spacious home where light and shadows chase each other over, through, and between the details carefully worked into the design. The rooms, perfectly balance tradition and modernity. High-level comfort makes the finishes and artwork stand out all the more.

This project demanded precision and expertise to ensure unique comfort and impeccable style, bringing together a range of skills, familiarity with materials, and mastery to create and develop a highly complex undertaking.